Our Story

It all began as a dream...

Cynthia Orobio and Phillipe Sobon are avid foodies. Through their love of food and one another, the dream turned into a reality with POLOMBIA.


Both culturally rich countries, Poland & Colombia, offer an array of traditional dishes that warm the heart! A modern take on classic dishes that infuse ingredients from both countries such as Emparogi, Kiełbasa Perro or Sal-CHI-papa. 


Phillipe Sobon is a self taught chef that has also taught cooking classes to thousands of students and has hosted hundreds of private events. Has also appeared on Food Network, Masterchef, ABC, Country Living and many other programs. 


Cynthia Orobio is a nutritionist and community leader from Houston, Texas bringing that southern hospitality with her. Passionate about teaching the importance of health, wellness and diet. Cynthia's compassion shines bright through her warm smile. 


Together, they have transformed their cultures classic dishes into an innovative new fusion unlike any other with POLOMBIA!

Current Location

Saturday: 12PM - 10PM

Sunday: 11AM - 7PM

  Wednesday: 6:30PM-10PM

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